Selgros Lubin, Poland

The trusting partnership between the wholesale company Selgros and Schweitzer, which has now lasted 15 years, is entering the next round with the opening of the new Cash & Carry store in Lubin, Poland.


For the new C&C store, the successful Selgros Braunschweig store concept was used in Poland for the first time where Cash & Carry markets are also accessible to end consumers. Located in a shopping center that also houses other companies and retail spaces, the store covers an area of 8,531 m².


In-store Brasserie

The „Brasserie “, located in the entrance area, has its own restaurant and spacious seating area and therefore offers a meeting point for a quick coffee or a snack in between. The restaurant is characterized by the different seating furniture that defines different zones in the restaurant. In addition, the differences in height of the building are particularly well emphasised in this area.

Graphic focus on mining

The visual language and large graphics, representing the original Selgros concept, were adopted in the same style and adapted to the location. The graphic concept in the mall was enhanced with content on the history of the city of Lubin, which is rooted in mining. In this sense, wall graphics with scenes from the mining industry accompany the shopper through all departments.

Fresh food departments

The fresh food departments follow the style of Selgros Braunschweig in terms of graphics and choice of materials and contribute significantly to the marketplace character. The large wall graphics vary depending on the department and help the consumer to differentiate between the various services. Like all the fresh food counters in the store, a refrigerated cabinet for smoked products, specially developed for the Lubin site, was also produced by Schweitzer.

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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