In-house Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance. We actively participate in the discourse and strive to contribute to an ecological and sustainable future with our concepts. Sustainability is not only a must but also offers many opportunities for the development of design concepts. Our certificates in terms of quality and environmental protection are proof that we as a company attach great importance to compliance with international standards (ISO, FSC® (FSC-C181601), PEFC® (PEFC BMCERT-PEFC-COC-00070)).

Design processes


Our holistic approach ensures that sustainability is at the forefront not only throughout the design, but also during the use of the concept. This is because the true sustainability value of a design is revealed throughout its life cycle. At Schweitzer, we know that the true measure of a design's sustainability lies in its impact, throughout its lifecycle.

Flexible solutions offer retailers the opportunity to extend the lifecycle of their stores by continuously adapting their retail space at lower costs and reduced material consumption, extending the lifecycle of the store and saving energy in the long term.

Manufacturing, Products & Sourcing


Recycled acrylic as well as metal, 60% of which comes from recycled sources, are used for all in-house production processes. Schweitzer is working on being able to trace the entire supply chain in the medium term to make sustainability the new standard.

Quality & environmental protection according to international standards

Sustainability, Schweitzer

The international standard for quality management ISO 9001 is met by our metal production in Hungary and our refrigerated cabinet production in northern Italy.

The ISO 14001 certification of both production sites underpins Schweitzer's commitment to operational environmental management and the responsible use of natural resources. The ISO certifications 50001 for energy management and 45001 for occupational health and safety round off the portfolio of in-house certificates.

Certifications FSC® – & PEFC®


True sustainability can only be guaranteed by using ecologically certified materials.

In order to follow this guiding principle, our manufactory in South Tyrol and our logistics center in Hungary are FSC® and PEFC® certified.

We also work with local family-owned companies that supply us with verifiably FSC® and PEFC® certified wood and wood-based materials for the realization of our clients' projects.

Energy efficiency made by Schweitzer for Schweitzer


In order to reduce our global carbon footprint, the Schweitzer headquarters in northern Italy is equipped with photovoltaic systems that cover 65% of total electricity requirements and 1000 m³ of groundwater that supplies the air conditioning systems. Surplus electricity is fed into the public power grid. Waste heat from our compressor is used for internal water supply. The company's entire heating system is powered by energy from internal production waste, which is processed by our wood chip heating system. The CO2 savings amount to a total of approx. 550 tons per year.

Transport efficiency & logistics


Our strategically located global logistics centers are spread all over the world and make a significant contribution to reducing transport kilometers by being close to the customer.

The development of flat-pack solutions for optimized shipping of our recycled transport packaging is a further commitment by Schweitzer to reduce unnecessary emissions.