Selgros Braunschweig Schweitzer

A familiar format reimagined

Selgros has set a new retail benchmark with this newly designed concept in Braunschweig. Through our long-standing relationship, Selgros Germany entrusted us again, to develop the latest version of their standard format.

In appearance, the marketplace character has been retained, including a new modern graphic language to mark out the diverse categories and guide the customer through the entire store. Many existing elements have been further refined, while several department standardisations have been improved & evolved.


  • An optimised store layout in response to the growing demand for delivery relating to the core business. The beverage market was integrated into the area.
  • An upgraded graphic communication concept with a fresh & modern design. Structured patterns in metal, brick & wood optics make the different product worlds clearly recognisable in the marketplace.
  • Striking character in the fresh departments due to the integration of graphic & decorative focal points. The fruit & vegetable cold storage concept has been replaced by an eye-catching wooden furniture display.

The cheese & fish departments are placed in characterful house structures to attract customer attention, with decorative elements such as giant cheese wheels & targeted LED lighting.

Wine & spirits includes a tasting area and is defined by the massive wooden tables & an industrially inspired ambience. The meat department stands out with an intense colour contrast of red walls & dark metal elements.

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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We are very satisfied with the result and proud to present this store. The newly designed ambience underlines the assortments excellently.
Very importantly, for our customers the new store has an absolute wow effect.
Dennis Flemming Store Manager Selgros Braunschweig
Sparkasse Bozen

Sparkasse Südtirol, Italy

Schweitzer developed a concept that recreates & consolidates the common corporate philosophy & history with regional characteristics. Learn more