Inkoop Harpstedt

Fresh design and a
revitalissed assortment

For the new Inkoop in Harpstedt, the owner family Oetken
have made their promise a reality: to build an incomparable
market for the region.

Through the entire architecture & design for the store, emphasis has been placed on the use of efficient energy management systems & sustainable components.

High windows create a light-filled ambience. Local specialists
and suppliers have found a new home in the market. For
example, the integrated flower shop offers customised
bouquet arranging, while the local butcher displays a wide
range of regional products directly to his customers. Bee
hives on the roof produce honey that can be directly
purchased in the market. Other highlights include tasting
corners & in-house fish smoking turn the weekly shop into a
special experience.


  • Fresh food and specialist departments run like a red thread throughout the entire store, ensuring an exchange between customer and specialist staff along the shopper journey.
  • Playful house structures help to call out expertise at specialist departments, landing both a modern and homely market feeling.
  • Graphic elements are an extension of the clear and timeless design concept, serving to orientate customers around the store.
  • A reduced colour palette and a clear choice of natural materials underline the dynamic clean modernity of the day-lit store environment.

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