EDEKA Center Potsdam 

A new shopping experience 

Minden is the largest of the 7 regional EDEKA operations of Germany, counting the capital Berlin and the bordering city of Potsdam within its territory. On the outskirts of historic Potsdam is Stern-Center, the largest shopping center in the region. The EDEKA Center has taken the previous REAL location within the Stern-Center shopping mall, serving a broad range of customers predominantly on weekly shopping missions.


Following the openings at Weserpark and Steglitz for the same owner, the objective at Potsdam was to retain a similar albeit localized design language, while adapting the design experience with a different assortment for a different set of customer needs. Spread over 7000m2 & set over 2 floors connected by central escalators, the challenge was to arrange the layout with an intuitive and exciting design concept to motivate shoppers to visit all parts of the store.


  • High-contrast, colorful design that gives each area its individual character & responds to the market’s surroundings. Well-known symbols of Potsdam's culture have been graphically abstracted onto the bright blue walls.
  • The interplay between fresh & non-food ensures a motivating customer flow across the whole store. Located in the midst of non-food worlds, fresh food departments surprise with individual brand images & fresh products.
  • The Italian deli "Amor" & the "Backmeister" provide seating for on-site consumption with an extended service and self-service offer.
  • One-stop-shopping thanks to a diverse food & non-food offer
  • Visual merchandising is characterized by highly distinct & voluminous promotional displays, actively alerting customers to current discount promotions for their weekly shop.
  • Entering the store, fast food missions are immediately tailored for, including a self-service Jungle Juice Bar, a food-to-go/salad bar & the fresh bake-off, conveniently facilitated by a shortcut to the checkout.

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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