The store that speaks like a local 

Minden is the largest of the 7 regional EDEKA operations of Germany, counting the capital Berlin within its territory. For most locals, Steglitz means the major shopping street of Schlossstrasse. Located at No1 Schlossstrasse is Forum Steglitz, one of the first shopping malls in Germany to operate with the 'shop-in-shop-system'.

Since 2019, Forum Steglitz has undergone a major modernization program, repositioning itself as a mixed-use property, with a focus on the needs of local families. The revised tenant mix includes increased space for offices & leisure facilities, plus the introduction of an EDEKA Centre as the anchor tenant.


As the new anchor tenant, EDEKA has a large role to play in addressing the ambition for the modernized Forum Steglitz. To support the overall ambition of addressing 'local needs', EDEKA would have to answer with a store concept that acts, feels and speaks to its audience, to be a positive addition to the neighborhood. In essence, the key challenge was to make EDEKA Steglitz fit in like a local and to be the destination for their weekly whop.

A touch of localization comes through 'No1', a playful reference to the mall address on Schlossstrasse, evident within gastronomy station branding & general communications throughout the store. The task for Schweitzer was to design & execute the concept including layout, branding & communication, departments, furniture & VM.


  • Implication of the Berlin dialect & typical 'Berlinerisch' accents in the décor & all communication tools
  • Branding from A to Z including logo development, product range labelling, in-store communication & visual merchandising with a focus on the connection to the neighbourhood
  • Weekly promotions are presented on the iconic 'Litfaßsäulen' advertising columns
  • 7 'eat & meet' positions with daily highlights: Golden-crispy buns from the 'Berlin Backmeister', the best currywurst at 'Gastro No1', having a coffee at the 'Coffee' Monster or a medium-rare steak freshly roasted by the butcher. The adjacent, spacious gastro lounge also offers a wonderful view of the neighbourhood
  • Food venues can be accessed directly from the street via a lift, offering greater convenience for locals who just want to eat or drink on-site, grab something on their way home
  • A playful & contrasted design, individually for each department

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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