Coop, Bozen - by Schweitzer

A jewel in the heart of Bozen

Schweitzer designed & realised a series of projects over a 12 month period for Coop – one of Italy’s largest supermarket chains. The fourth store opened his doors in September 2021, located in the historic Palais Campofranco at Walterplatz, one of the most exclusive squares in Bozen.

The concept

  • Sales area: 850m²
  • Overall concept: The graphic elements underline the territory & manufacturing process of products, visually accompanying customers through the market & utilizing the impressive ceiling height.
  • A high focus on local, organic & fair-trade products.
  • Specific, location-based adaptations: colourful, irregularly arranged counters & graphics referring to Bozen & its surroundings
  • A centuries-old majestic Ginko tree in the courtyard of Palais Campofranco, defines the store: the 6m-deep golden "pot" houses the tree & serves as a central architectural element
Gooods, Migros by Schweitzer

gooods, Zürich

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