Senoner, Wolkenstein

Reopening of the Despar supermarket in Selva di Val Gardena, South Tyrol

The recent reopening of the Despar supermarket in the centre of Selva di Val Gardena marks another milestone in the trusted collaboration between the South Tyrolean entrepreneurial family Senoner and Schweitzer.

Back in 2009, Senoner entrusted the design and shopfitting company Schweitzer with the remodelling of their supermarket. The aim of the new store concept, developed by our sister company, the retail design agency Interstore, was to emphasise the product quality, especially the regional specialities, as well as convey the history of the location and the entrepreneurial family. Even before the remodelling, the village community liked to meet in the store - another objective was to reinforce this meeting point aspect.

As a result, the total area of the store has doubled, now offering more space for a wide range of local and international products and for spacious aisles that allow relaxing and easy movement around the store.

The pleasant ambience is enhanced by the combination of natural earth tones and materials such as spruce and natural stone.

Improved energy efficiency is achieved using LED light fittings from Imoon and a modernised refrigeration system. The "Chronos" refrigerated service counters and the "Plaus" Plug-In self-service cabinets were manufactured by Schweitzer.

 Project Profile:

  • Reopening: 31.05.2024
  • Location: Selva Gardena, Italy
  • Area: ca. 800 m²
  • The fresh food counters Chronos and the Plug-In refrigerated cases Plaus come from Schweitzer's own refrigerated counter production.
  • Lighting concept: Imoon

Edeka Ernst, Reisbach

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