EDEKA Ernst, Reisbach


Ernst Lebensmittel GmbH, with its headquarters in Reisbach, Germany, operates several EDEKA supermarkets in the Lower and Upper Bavaria. The company, led by owner and managing director Christina Ernst, stands for absolute freshness and a high-quality
range of products.

With the new supermarket in Reisbach and the implementation of a Waterloop system, Christina Ernst has once again demonstrated her pioneering spirit.


"A few years ago, one of our shops had a power cut in the summer, which lasted all day and could only be repaired the following night. Fortunately, we were able to count on the help of a neighbouring partner, otherwise we would have had to throw away all the fresh produce and write it off.

For this reason, I opted for the decentralised Waterloop system from Schweitzer when converting our store in Reisbach to ensure better protection, even in the event of future blackouts. After a power failure, the Waterloop system can be restarted immediately; with CO2, gas has to be topped up first.

Another important plus point is that Schweitzer also provides the service. The collaboration was very positive and I am very happy with my choice."


On a total sales area of approx. 1250 m² we have implemented a Waterloop system - the energy-efficient alternative to a conventional alternative to a conventional CO2 system.
The refrigerated cabinets and counters used come from from our production facilities in South Tyrol and Northern Italy. At the customer's request, heat recovery is not possible in
this market. However, the Waterloop system generally offers the option of using heat exchangers to recover waste heat from the refrigeration appliances and use it to heat to the
store, for example.

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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