A new concept for Monop'!

The French retail group Monoprix created a new neighbourhood concept with the launch of the Monop' brand in 2005. The aim was to be close to consumers with a small-space concept inspired by Parisian delicatessens. Schweitzer was commissioned to further develop this popular concept so that it could be applied to other locations.

The concept

A new, strategic layout makes optimal use of the available space and places particularly popular products in the center right at the entrance. The customer routing was deliberately kept open: Consumers can move freely between the different areas and there is a noticeable proximity to the product.
The store aims to be the top choice for locals for both weekly shopping and quick stops, such as to grab snacks and wine. This store concept achieves functionality without sacrificing aesthetics with its displays, furniture, and shelving systems.


. Upon entering, customers are welcomed by a market hall featuring fresh produce, a salad bar, baked goods, specialty cheeses, and prepared meals.
. The wall greenery made of real plants further accentuates the fresh character and the cozy marketplace atmosphere.
. All the fresh produce in the market hall is presented as in the Schweitzer refrigerated display units as real highlights.
. Light woods, sage green, and white create a warm, inviting ambiance.
. Various services including washing machines and Amazon lockers are available at the back of the space for customer use. Books provide entertainment in the cozy seating area, inviting customers to linger with coffee and microwaves are available in the check-out-area.
. Schweitzer has developed furniture that can be easily converted from self-checkout to attended checkouts.

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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