Koopje am See, Habenhausen by Schweitzer

Koopje Citymarkt Habenhausen

Our 6th project for the Oetken family of entrepreneurs, has opened in the heart of the growing residential district of Habenhausen. As the local market store in a prime Bremen city location, this distinct urban small-space concept taps into a new target group, which contrasts with the otherwise rural catchment areas around the other Inkoop branches.

Fresh convenience products complement the range of dry goods and are integrated in such a way that staff shortages do not limit the customer experience.


Our retail agency Interstore developed a new experimental layout for this future-oriented small store concept with plenty of room for a wide variety of products. At the heart of the shop is the central service island, where the products are prepared for self-service for the adjacent convenience and fresh food counters. This strategic position conveys a feeling of hospitality as soon as you enter the store, offering service and expertise in the midst of the self-service fresh food counters.

The restrained design approach and the light colour palette create a friendly and neighbourly atmosphere, which, despite the hustle and bustle of the city, invites shoppers to relax and informally interact with staff.


  • Practical and fresh: The fresh food concept is designed for self-service, yet offers shoppers a diverse range of freshly prepared dishes and convenience products. Prepared in the service station, consumers can choose between tasty antipasti, warm soups and colourful salads. A self-service juicer complements the fresh offer.
  • Light wood elements and dark steel make for an exciting contrast that creates an inviting and friendly mood, complementing the modern style of the surrounding residential area. The rich green of the logo creates a recognition value and deliberately emphasises the core theme of freshness. The playful, circular wall design is inspired by the brand identity.
Nur Hier, Hamburg by Schweitzer

Nur Hier, Hamburg

Cozy seating areas and a convenience concept that fits the needs of city dwellers, offering quality coffee, salads, snacks to go and more. Learn more