Nur Hier, Hamburg by Schweitzer

More than a bakery

As new owners of the 500 strong Hamburg Nur Hier bakery chain, EDEKA Nord wanted to redefine the brand, redesign the identity, brand storytelling and update the appearance of the shops.

The challenge was to develop a modern design and scalable concept that could be duplicated and applied to retail spaces of various sizes, with the key objective to translate the Nur Hier quality, with products as the focus of attention.


A new customer approach was developed around the new brand identity, which creates a homely atmosphere. New slogans, such as “Beautiful here...with you”, alongside the newly developed playful graphic language actively invite pedestrians to come in and enjoy. Workwear, fabric bags and other visual merchandising products reflect the new brand philosophy. The soft colour palette creates a pleasant natural atmosphere, appealing to a young, female target group in both small and large sales areas. A selective combination of colours, alongside natural materials such as real stone and light-coloured wooden elements help to create a warm and modern ambiance that translates quality.


  • The thoughtful interplay of high and low shelves makes ideal use of the available space by presenting a diverse product range, placing it in the spotlight.
  • More than a bakery: cosy seating areas and a convenience concept that fits the needs of city dwellers, offering quality coffee, salads, snacksto- go and more. Nur Hier is now positioned to become the new social place to meet.

You can download your copy of our booklet here.

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