In conversation with Nikos Veropoulos, Owner & Managing Director Vero

The Greek retail company Vero and the design & shopfitting company Schweitzer have been collaborating successfully for several years. 

Nikos Veropoulos, owner & managing director of Vero, explains the reasons for the popularity of the Vero markets and what he appreciates most in the partnership with the Schweitzer experts.


Mr. Veropoulos, all your point of sales are very popular – what do your customers appreciate about their shopping experience in your stores?

For 20 years we have been successfully operating as the first foreign retailer in the Serbian market. There are several factors that positively influence our customers’ shopping experience. Firstly, all our stores are positioned in the best and most accessible locations in the cities where we operate.

Then, the stores are stand alone, have well-arranged sales areas from 2000 to 6000 m² and dispose of comfortable parking areas.

Finally, our customers appreciate the high-quality fresh departments and the great assortments.

Currently, many retail companies are suffering from acute staff shortages. How do you tackle this challenge?


Indeed, we have similar problems. Our way of managing this challenge is to regularly revise our employees’ salaries as well as to grant a monthly bonus for no sick leave. We also provide private busses for the journey to work for all workers from the province.

To date, VERO has redesigned and rebuilt 2 hypermarkets and 1 supermarket with the design & shopfitting company Schweitzer.

What do you appreciate about this cooperation?


What we appreciate most about our cooperation with Schweitzer is their serious approach and highly professional operational process. We particularly like the great design, executed by Interstore, and so do our customers. It is not unnecessarily artistic – it is right to the point and fits the respective environment.

The execution of all works is always highly reliable as is the usage of good materials.

Have you seen an increase in sales after the refurbishments?


In fact, we usually register a double-digit increase in sales after every renovation with Schweitzer.

Schweitzer's sister company, the retail design agency Interstore, takes the creative lead in all projects in close consultation with our clients.
Did you feel involved in the design process?


In all our project so far, we have had a great cooperation with the Interstore team. I feel that the designers understand and feel the heart of the store and how it beats. Accordingly, they redesign the store, and it has been a great match in all 3 projects we have implemented together. Our feedback has always been accepted and applied, where it made sense.