Dunnes Stores Dundrum, Dublin

Dunnes Stores is Ireland’s largest leading retail company.
Founded 70 years ago, the privately owned family company runs 136 stores selling fashion, homeware and food.


As a large retailer, Dunnes Stores are facing strong international competition and have understood the need to adapt to the spirit of the times. The revised design concept therefore revolutionizes Dunnes’ previous approach raising the design and performance of the store to a whole new level.

The aim of the concept was to create a premium ambience, strengthen the presence of the designer brands, as well as to boost the main range which generates the highest turnover. After Dundrum, other strategic locations are planned to be remodeled following the same principle.



To establish a unique identity to each of the designer brands, the Interstore experts selected one iconic piece for each brand that relates to its DNA: for example, a green onyx table for
Carolyn Donnelly, an oversized frame that is both monitor and mirror for Helen Steele.


The lighting, provided by the Italian lighting expert Imoon, assumes a significant role in the fluidity of the concept. Uniform and perfectly balanced lighting was used across the entire sales area, with light coves inserted into the walls and shelves to enhance the product presentation. Large spots with a backlit ceiling create a daylight effect that highlights certain areas of the space.


At Interstore and Schweitzer, we are convinced that: “The human being is the digital future.” Nevertheless, we use digital elements in many of our concepts and successfully and sensibly link online with offline to make shopping easier and more enjoyable. In the case of Dunnes Stores Dundrum, for example, these are larger-than-life monitors or QR codes that help with orientation and provide information about the brands.



For the first time inside a Dunnes store, self-checkout zones, a click-and-collect area and mobile checkouts were introduced in order to eliminate long queues.


In order to create a homogeneous and modern brand image, Interstore implemented a comprehensive branding concept. This included carrying out a photo shoot with the designers and a product shoot, introducing a standardised visual language and adapting the instore communication.
To coincide with the opening, Interstore launched an advertising campaign with films and posters that were used in indoor and outdoor advertising.

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