Support for families with the Schweitzer day care center

Since September 2022 Schweitzer has had its own day care center at the company's headquarter in Naturno, Northern Italy.

The idea for this initiative arose both from the need to offer its own employees valuable added value and from the company-wide conviction that working women and mothers need more support to be able to lead a self-determined life.

Schweitzer KiTa Opening Naturno

Currently, more than half of the children come from families of Schweitzer employees. Families from Naturno have also taken advantage of the project, which has been actively supported by the municipality of Naturno. The total capacity of the structure is 20 children.

Marion Zelger, board member at Schweitzer and initiator of the project: "Since the politicians are not doing their homework, we have decided to take matters into our own hands with a private-sector initiative. For us as Schweitzer and for me as a freelancer and mother, it is important to enable women to successfully combine work and family."

Bernhard Schweitzer: "We at Schweitzer have always been an active part of society and with the new day care centre, we would like to make our contribution to relieving the burden on families and ensuring that mothers and fathers know that their children are well looked after while they are at work.”