We have been working in the field of refrigeration technology since 1927. In addition to our complete range of standard refrigerated display cases, we also offer tailored solutions for food retailers across the globe.

Our full range of refrigerated display cases can be supplied as plug-and-play air-cooled units and/or can be connected to a waterloop system.

A waterloop is a fully integrated refrigeration system with plug-and-play refrigerated display cases connected in a closed water circuit. The condensation heat generated is transported out of the store via a pipe system. Heat exchangers can be used to recover the waste heat and to heat the store, for example.

With this system, the expansion options are virtually limitless: the individual display cases and counters can be quickly and easily connected and removed again without affecting the rest of the circuit and without the need for a specialist. This approach prevents product losses across multiple units and completely eliminates the need for a complex central refrigeration system, in turn creating advantages from the perspective of maintenance and service costs.

With a waterloop system you can save up to 17% of your energy costs compared to a conventional COsystem.